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A few months ago a 19 year old League of Legends gamer responded to a disparaging remark with sarcasm. He was promptly reported on by an idiot, arrested by Judge Dredd, locked up in Low Gene pool County Jail and awaiting a very possible eight year prison term overseen by Herr Prosecutor and Judge Dark Ages… for sarcasm. These knobs make real money feeding off your displeasure with stupid people in positions of power (everybody knows a few) to sell you games like Beat the Boss 1 & 2… and nobody arrested them yet despite the fact they’re selling workplace violence as a means to relax… what the heck… and yes, we’ll shelf all this and focus only on the game as a game… right after a bit more sarcasm from me. Sorry.

Picking up where Beat the Boss 1 leaves off your back, your giant bobble headed Fisher Price spawned boss is still a jerk, and you know the rest. Now with even more micro transaction possibilities to further feed off your hatred of your boss… because bad anything and everything, including bad bosses, exist… obvious things are obvious?

A pity this game is so one track minded. Graphics wise it’s actually whimsical and interesting… if it wasn’t rude and mean spirited it could have been fun.

The game desperately needs an inventory menu to stash all the weapons you buy to beat your boss, since constantly pulling up the shop menu to retrieve bought gear seems like nonsense to me. Otherwise controls are quick and easy to pick up and run with… just because the game is disagreeable it doesn’t mean it’s broken, it’s not.

Responds well and knocking around your fake virtual boss is easy and quick to do easily with little prompt or instruction. Yeah. I don’t agree with the game, but technically the game works fine with no glitches as far as I can see… pity content wise it’s a one and done trick that grows old very fast.

Building an entire genre around venting against intolerable people, people that emotionally burns your bacon. You think it’s rare, but if it wasn’t for people seeking this kind of release? Games like Postal, American McGee’ s Bad Day L.A. and so on wouldn’t exist. But people do feel this way, games like this exists, and so at the end of the day I must judge it as a game…

Final Thoughts
And as a game it’s a quick stress downer. Just don’t spend real money on this low key shallow stress reliever. Get the free version, and only stick to the free in game stuff. You don’t need to spend real money on this, you’ll get the full experience just fine with the free stuff.

Pros? As much as I disagree with this it’s a short stack of stress reliever. Smack around generic vr boss, unleash your anger… then play something you love playing. RPG, strategy, village SIM, shooters, even cooking or tycoon Sims. To me that is more stress relieving than beating up a virtual Fisher Price bonehead… but to each their own.
Cons? Low key shallow experience. Wish the game was less generic violence and more unique Monty Python style innovative wit and hardcore humor… face it, you can use a standard boxing gun glove prop to unleash… or catapult a cow at your boss. If it has to be pointlessly violent at least it can be nostalgic as well. But the game missed the boat on that score, and that is a shame.

Price : Free for this, $0.99 for the 17+ version.

Device Tested On : Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Developer’s Website :
Review Thanks to Android app store